Hair Care three minefields

Minefield 1: Water temperature is too high

Lake water is also very important, there are a lot of people think that high temperatures cause nutrient shampoo products rapidly absorbed, so sometimes try to use steam hat hair care, but the temperature is too high, or too long, or place of hair care products, hair nourishment and scalp rub together steaming hot but let scalp pores, causing inflammation of the scalp.

Minefield 2: slacker

The aim is to open shampoo, wash hair cuticle, many people have chosen to prefer fast way to wipe a few seconds on the red, and even did not pay attention seeking only shampoo silk shampoo skin. Purpose is to let the hair care is hair loss, make it smooth, but some people have the same cast to, and rub on both. And the purpose is to let the hair cuticle locked up, to make it smooth, but some people also cast to rub or two then to wash up. However, there are more types of lazy way is to use the direct care combo products.