Hair dryer works

Motor and fan directly connected to the motor drives the rotation of the blades after power,, from the air through the air inlet air through the heating element, controlled by a switch and become an outlet for hot air or cold air. Usually only when the motor is energized, electric heating elements can be connected to heating to avoid overheating and damage to the parts.

The method is simple fan conditioned air is to open the shutter of the housing; a control switch, the temperature was adjusted; the PTC element may be automatic temperature control. Some hair dryer by changing the external power supply voltage, stepless adjustment of air temperature and air flow.

It is a set of wires and a small fan assembly. When energized, the heating wire generates heat, fan the wind blowing through the heating wire, it becomes hot. If only a small fan rotation, and electric wire is not hot, it's just the wind blowing out instead of hot.