Hot curlers pear head, beautiful shape

1: Hair Care Products: sleep because the hair will generally be get deformed, suggest that you first wash your hair before you get. The conditioner evenly before blowing hair in a dry tail hair, gently massage. Then you can start blowing hair, the hair blown backwards by the following recommendations, so you can make a little fluffy hair root.

2: tail flat volumes: the lowermost hair divided about four times the volume (volume may be sent by individuals). First, pick up a bunch of ready to roll with the hair, first comb it, then with one hand holding the tail end. The preheated curly hair from the middle position Used began to pull hair caught the tail, the volume level within 3/4 circle, stay about 5 seconds. Followed by the same method as the volume of the first layer is good, and then put down the second, three volumes are also good. The top layer down, because the top of the hair is short, so when curlers volume just the tail slightly within the volume at about 1/2 turn.

3: rounded bangs: the effect of strengthening the radian bangs with a hair dryer, followed by bristle comb hair blowing along. Here's a little trick, first with hot moderate wind, blowing the whole time to make full use bristle comb grip, inward buckling of the hair blowing, rather than using the method of blowing hard straight hair hair pulled down, so blow Punta hair will come out a little.