The new intelligent electronic straight comb complete our beautiful dream

Every morning messy hair needs care, time and effort, the previous tools can not meet my needs, but it can succeed three minutes straight comb shape; a month to go to the barber shop to make straight hair curly hair, expensive and time-consuming, but straight comb can last for several years, it is indeed doing is saving a lot of money; all the time looking at the split ends, yellow and powerless, ineffective maintenance, but straight comb release negative ions can fundamentally on reducing the damage to the hair.

Unlike the old straight comb straight hair boards, curlers, not hot hot hot face neck, high safety factor; and without hand operation, just as an ordinary comb, gently comb, a comb in the end, is very convenient; small head stuffed in the bag, ready to get makeup is very convenient; climate means combed hair Mimi da, is entirely intelligent; can be wet or dry, without fear of electrocution, the appearance is very straight hair fashion, you can access a variety of occasions.