14 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

14 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

14-Easy-Hairstyles-for-long-hairLook no further than these 14 easy hairstyles for long hair to attract looks, be flirtatious without speaking and feel great about your hair.  Feel free to get creative knowing that when in doubt these styles will easily stand out on their own with minimal effort.  Work it girl!

14. Slicked Back


This kind of due can be slicked back using a gel giving a young clean close-cropped look.

13. Sleek on the Sides



The trick is to straighten your hair then use gel to comb it back.  Combine with your favorite cocktail dress for a classy evening out.

12. Elegant Spiral Curls


A great look for a night out on the town that commands attention.  These side curls are bouncy and will definitely bring plenty of attention.

11. Messy Side Braid




With your hair tossed to the side in a simple braid and the flare-up of the bangs this is a style that is versatile enough for day and night.

10. Faux Bangs


Use this technique to create the illusion of long lovely bangs when really you simply extend your side part to the front.

9. Extended Fishtail Pony



By braiding into a fish style this look holds-up in pretty much any situation.  It attracts looks without the need for accessories.

8. Middle Part with Curls



This look is natural and requires minimal effort to part, tease with a bit of curl.

7. Flattened Tresses


Use your flat iron to get a long straight extended look that has confidence written all over it.

6. Flirty Ponytail


This quick due can be had in no time–just puff up the crown a bit after combing a middle-part then on the a flirtatious pony.

5. Subtle Waves



This style requires just a soft curl then an easy part and you’re on to a mesmerizing look that will keep heads turning.

4. Boho Flair



Just grab two strands from your hair and pin then to the back.  Then use jumbo curls to finish off the soft curls.

3. Parted and Easy Waves


The hair is parted with ever so gentle curls to give a very lively look.

2. Straight and Simple


This look is professional yet alluring and so easy to do.  You can part on the side or in the middle and pull back the tresses as you wish.

1. High Bun


This timeless and classy look goes with plenty.  It stays out of your way at the same time is the object of attention on your walk through the city.