Curl Makes Your Hair More Silky

It is always important to buy a suitable curler, so before you decide, you have to do some "homework". First of all, there are three kinds of curlers: ceramic, tourmaline and titanium alloy. Ceramic curlers because the heat distribution is uniform, Hair Curler so the damage to the hair the smallest. Tourmaline curls ion coil hot, can make your hair more silky, shiny. The advantage of the titanium alloy curlers is that the hair will not be caught.

How can we make a long note?

When the shape of the hair can not be kept all day long, you may be worried that this is caused by your hair's health problems. Do not be afraid, this is not your hair problem, but how do you keep the problem. The next time from the hair root Hair Curler began to roll and not from the middle began to hot. In this case, the curl of the heat can cover more area, increase the strength of the whole hair curls. Then you can shine all day long.

It is important to choose the direction

Another way to control the state of your curly hair is to use a horizontal or vertical roll. With a curly hair straight vertical hair, then the final will appear as fluffy big waves. Horizontal hot volume, then the volume will be more tight and flexible.

Do not burn hot in the case of dry hair

Before making hair, make sure that the hair is completely dry.

Buy curlers pay attention to these points on OK:

First, the new type can be warm-type hair rods. When buying is best IC temperature control, heating up fast, modeling nature.

Second, the curly hair material. Now the curling rods are mostly ceramic glaze coating, with good, because this material curly sticks thermal conductivity uniform, not easy to burn hair.

Third, Hair Curler the handle selection matte composite high temperature materials, this texture is good, curly hair process is also comfortable, moderate resistance.

Fourth, the reel teeth to have a better oh insulation performance, as well as tooth profile is not sharp.

Fifth, when buying to determine whether the normal heat.