Hair Straighteners Category

1) straight hair can be divided according to different ceramic heating element heating element, PTC heating element and a heat generator MCH.

Advantages of ceramic heating element is environmental protection, heating speed, usually 30 seconds to 45 seconds to make the plywood surface temperature reaches 200 degrees. However, due to the ceramic heating element is at 1000 degrees high temperature sintering, the temperature in the circuit after losing control will rapidly above 300 degrees will burn fixed heating plate plastic material so that the heating plate off, there may be exposed to users, and burn the skin.

2) straight hair in accordance with the heating plates of different materials can be divided into: pure ceramic heating plates, ceramic glaze spray the surface of aluminum, glass-ceramic. The benefits of ceramic heat panels are environmentally friendly, good insulation, good safety, the disadvantage is long processing cycle, processing many links, and difficult to handle because the edge is very smooth, the hair straightening process will slightly pull hair.