How To Use The Curling Device

Hair curling compared to a lot of female friends have used it, in fact, now there are a lot of hair curling products, of course, different types of curling products their use is different. Our common curly hair products are semi-automatic curls, manual curls, automatic smart curls and other smaller curling products. If you want to roll out the beautiful curls, you need to know how to use the different types of curling, so that you can better use the curling device. The following small series to introduce you to the use of the curling device.

Curling is actually a hand-held electronic product that can be ironed by hand. A general electronic curling device its main component is a handle and a heat coil. Hair Curler When the curling device is in use, its design mainly uses the circuit panel to control the temperature, at the same time, its heating drum material is tourmaline ceramic panel, it can balance the curls on the thermal dispersion, while the cycle of heating, Hair Curler effectively improve the hair protein structure, eventually allowing the hair to show a curved state.

The characteristics of the curling device

1, the function is diverse. Some curling its function is very diverse, curling not only has the function of straight hair curls, but it can also effectively protect the hair at the same time, hair nourishing. The negative ions and steam functions on the curling are not only able to produce a nice hairstyle but also to stop the hair from being edgy when used.

2, internal and external volume. Hair Curler Curling curls are mainly divided into internal and external volumes, the volume of the hair in the radian more subtle, while its overall combination can make your facial temperament appear more gentle, the external volume of the hair radian is more obvious at the same time also appear very lively, Hair Curler it will let you overall present a kind of fashionable youthful vigor.

3, curling in the process of curly hair through the system to the temperature, the timing and direction of the whole curl process can be controlled, while its natural and perfect curl Balanced heating design, will not hurt your hair, while its smart and safe electric shock design, Hair Curler let you in the curls when more safe.

How to use a curling device-automatic curling

1, connected with the power of the curling device, after the power of the curling red light will start flashing, then users can choose according to their own hair quality temperature, at the same time temperature preset;

2, set the time of curly hair, in the automatic curling device, Hair Curler 0 is defined as a custom type of curly hair, it is only after 15 seconds of continuous heat to allow the hair to show the effect of curl, while 8 of the natural wavy curls, 3 times after the sound of 4 to say that the curls completed. 10 means 10 seconds, it can produce soft curly, 12 is 12 seconds, it makes the curls more tightly, curls do not appear too fluffy;

3, set the direction of curl, in the curling device R is the internal volume, L represents the outer volume, A is the most automatic volume method, that is, automatic file;

4, before the curls also need to determine the opening direction of the reel, the position of the button toward the hair;

5, in the curly hair is the need to select 3 cm width of the hairs to be fixed to the starting position of the desired curls;

6, the curling device is fixed in the position that want to curl, Hair Curler while ensuring the neat and straight hair, then close the hand to the curling device will automatically start to curl, wait until the curling device prompts the sound to loosen the curling device.