Multi - Functional Hairdressing Instrument Operation Steps

Multi-functional hairdressing equipment is a hairdressing equipment, divided into ceramic hot, digital hot, SPA hot, O3 hot O3 hot and infrared hot and cold, now with the most digital multi-functional hairdressing equipment. The purpose of perm is actually two: make the hair richer (curly effect); change the shape of the hair, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus the direction (volume is not a great effect).

Multifunctional hairdressing instrument use method

First, the characteristics

1. hot hair stick and perm hair heat evenly, lightweight and convenient, beautiful shape. 2. hot hair stick and perm hairpin power connection is convenient, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus equipped with several different specifications of the hair stick, inside and outside the heating, low outside the high, convection drugs doubled the role of hair will not fumble, forming ripples and harmony perfect, flexible Create a different wave and a satisfying hairstyle. 3. Hot hair stick seal type is good, can be used to clean the wet cloth dry. 4. There are three models can be converted at any time, perm time digital control, to avoid human error, perm success rate is high, suitable for different hair perm, easy to operate model: Type of single-key cycle; digital timer: indicating the hot time set value, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus through the "mode" "time" key to set the range: 1-30 minutes

5. More scientific thermal energy technology (temperature of 135 ℃ ± 10 ℃) so that the hair of the water, nutrients and natural oil to be locked, to maintain luster, in line with the new century healthy fashion style. 6 within the heating element using 3D honeycomb dual flow design, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus excellent thermoplastic effect; excellent waterproof performance, can be used continuously two fixed drugs, no leakage, no loss. 7 outside the heat clamp by a special process, high temperature, corrosion resistance.

Second, multi-functional hairdressing instrument operation steps

1, the first "V" -shaped column (also known as horn head) into the panel behind the oval, (before the first power cord into the bottom of the hole) after the following three screws tightened, the two The power connector is connected.

2, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus the machine's power cord is plugged into a three-hole power outlet with a leakage switch and ground, open the power switch outside the chassis, power indicator light, the default mode is "normal", this time according to the hair to select the work mode , Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus The timer time will follow the pattern changes and automatically adjust.

3, to be hot hair sticks on the hair after a number of hair sticks into the spring connection line output, with double-headed wire to connect the perm clip, and then clamp the hot stick.

4, take the "work" button, the machine began to work, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus the timer began to countdown. You can use the keys to adjust the working time at any time. Can be set according to different hair perm time. As follows; hair condition set time extreme damage hair 5-10 minutes general damage hair 10-15 minutes healthy hair 15-20 minutes hard hair 20-25 minutes

5, press the "pause / work" key delay three seconds later, you can stop heating, while the temperature figures in the non-stop decline, and then click the "pause / work" button, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus you can start heating again, the temperature began to rise. 6, the timer countdown at the end of a "BB" alarm sound, while the time display as "OO", said the end of the work of the machine output power.Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus Unplug the power cord if you are not using the unit.

Third, the multi-functional hairdressing instrument operating instructions

Please follow the following ten steps:

1, diagnosis of hair: normal, healthy, damaged three types

2, shampoo: choose a special shampoo wash hair, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus blowing to Bacheng dry above.

3, soft hair: smear a special medicine, soften the hair.

4, rinse: to determine the success of softening, rinse with water.

5, dry: blow to 7-8 into dry

6, on the bar: the idea of the film thickness is moderate, the outer pole after the outer layer with a perm paper hold tight, and then fixed with rubber band hair piece: the outer folder after clamping the clamp, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus the double wire with two wires, And positioning the heating assembly in a suitable position to insert the power supply.

7, heating: set a reasonable heating time (recommended: damaged hair 15 minutes, the normal hair 20 minutes, the first time inside and outside the heating time, and then heating 5 minutes, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus the normal hair 20 minutes, before and after heating the appropriate time , And then heated for 5 minutes to ensure that the tail will not overheat, hair rod all the play.

8, stereotypes: cooling can be directly on the second dose, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus or remove the hairpin with a small clip after the second dose of medicine: the second dose of the best effect on the two drugs.

9, rinse: rinse with water.

10, to complete the shape.