Multifunctional Hairdressing Instruments Play A More Important Role

Now the hair salon, naturally need more professional subdivision, more scientific management, more in line with the psychological needs of consumers marketing. In the future, multi-functional hairdressing equipment will play a more important role in the hair industry.

So, 2017 years of multi-functional hairdressing equipment in the end what will happen?

Currently on the market "custom" become common practice. Mr. Dai from Hubei in their own studio to try to carry out personalized custom hairdressing services, on the harvest of good results.

Mr. Dai will give them a "personal image design diagnosis form" before including a haircut for the guests, including the personal background of the work, as well as some basic information such as scalp, perm experience, including clothing color, style And other information. By filling out such a form, he can communicate with the guests in more detail so that the customer's needs can be understood to the greatest extent possible in the shortest possible time.

Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus Understand the guests after the custom needs, the turn of the hair instrument debut. Up to the listing of the "magic red" hairdressing instrument integration "hot, dye, care, shirt," the four major hair craft function, to achieve the stability of each bar of the controllable, the length of time to complete the process, for the guests to create a perfect hairstyle, Industry private custom strong backing.

 Today, the hair industry development model has begun to gradually get rid of the rigid promotion model, from the line to the line is a more pragmatic and effective way. Now, many businesses began to use the network or mobile client in the form, so that hair stylist and customers have a more direct exchange between.

Multi-functional hairdressing instrument benefits: even if the first night after washing the first half dry sleep, the second day of hair mess. As long as the morning clip a folder, quickly full of vitality, just like just out of the hairstyle house, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus and never like a decade ago, With the salon with hair dryer blowing the same, no wonder someone called it for the hair of the iron. Another advantage is that it does not hurt the hair, with three weeks later, the issue of tail bifurcation also improved a lot of magic. But this experience is not too many people have the same feeling, so whispered.

The reason why this instrument dares to call the hair care device, because it is not just a straight plate or curler hair bar. Multi-function hairdressing equipment can be in the shape of the hair at the same time to get fast care. Why is this so? Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus Its secret is hidden in the water vapor box. Use every time you need to put a little water to the steam box, when the board clamp together when you can see the steam. Maybe then a friend will say that a treasure to buy the three no electricity board also have water vapor ah. Dear, it is not water vapor. It is the board temperature is too high, the hair itself, the evaporation of water out. This is why the three non-electric clip clip long-term use will lead to the cause of yellow hair.

Also in this hair care device which can be seen with a comb, the use of this comb can help us quickly shape. At the same time when you can not take it down, easy to clean. Inside the floating board is a ceramic texture, can make the hair naturally smooth. It is recommended that you use it in the use of its home with the use of smoothing cream, it has two kinds of smoothing cream, a marked above (Normal / Slightly Sensitised Hair), suitable for normal and slightly damaged hair, a standard (Medium / Very Sensitised Hair) Suitable for medium and more damaged hair use. With the use of smoothing cream can make hair more smooth, glossy, impatient degree will be reduced. 200ml loaded smoothing cream enough baa every two days with a time, with about 3 months. If you do not match the use of smooth cream, small baa also tried a method: that is, when the hair is dry when coated with care oil, without the kind of gold powder, to avoid the scalp and head, and then on the steam hair care device, the effect is similar.