PTC Is What Is Meant

PTC (thermistor) is Positive Temperature Coefficient acronym, meaning a positive temperature coefficient, a great pan-corrected temperature coefficient of semiconductor materials or components. Typically we mentioned PTC is corrected temperature coefficient thermistor, referred to as PTC thermistor.

PTC thermistor is a typical semiconductor resistor having a temperature-sensitive, above a certain temperature (Curie temperature), its resistance value with increasing temperature was increased stepwise.

PTC is a barium titanate ceramic (or strontium, lead) as the main component, adding a small amount of donor (Y, Nb, Bi, Sb), acceptor (Mn, Fe) element, as well as glass (silica, alumina) and other additives after sintering the semiconductor ceramic.

PTC ceramics having a small resistance below the Curie temperature, the resistance above the Curie temperature stepwise increased 1000 times to one million times.