PTC Works

1, ptc effect is a material having a ptc (positive temperature coefficient) effect, that is a positive temperature coefficient effect, refers only to the resistance of this material increases with increasing temperature. As most metal materials have ptc effect. Among these materials, ptc effect manifested as resistance increases linearly with increasing temperature, which is commonly referred to as linear ptc effects.

2, non-linear effects ptc through the phase change material will show a sharp increase in internal resistance along a narrow temperature range of a few to a dozen orders of magnitude of the phenomenon, namely ptc nonlinear effect, a conductive polymer considerable experience has shown that many types effects, such as a polymer ptc thermistor. These conductive polymers are useful for the manufacture of overcurrent protective device is.

3, polymer ptc thermistor ptc thermistor for overcurrent protection polymer has often been called since the resumption of fuses (hereinafter referred to as a thermistor), because of the unique characteristics of positive temperature coefficient of resistance, and thus very suitable used as overcurrent protection devices. Use like a normal fuse thermistor, is used in series with the circuit.