Straight Hair Is Easy To Operate

The straight hair is also called the Electric splint, popular is called the splint, is through the electric current heats the hair body MCH or the PTC or the hot wire, conduction to the aluminum plate or the ceramic board heats up. Straight hair, continue think righteousness is to straighten the hair, through the heating element to heat the hair, soften, and then cold indeed, to achieve the purpose of straight hair. Now the straightener, both can straighten, and can pull the roll. Formerly straight hair, the main user is a professional hair salon barber, Hair Straightener from 07 in Europe and the United States has entered the family market, at home can be a spa for hair. The 2010 Straightener will enter the Chinese family market, will develop into the personal care of the necessary products, Hair Straightener like a comb to popularize.

Straight hair, is the AC power supply products, the biggest problem in the purchase is the safety issue. Security is the certification, after the certification of products, have been the authority of the detection, is in line with the safety standards, Export products are generally after the CE certification or UL certification. CCC certification in China. In addition to purchase the formal registered trademarks of the manufacturers of products. Hair Straightener At present only the "United States" Company's machinery, with 3C standards and Yong Cheng insurance underwriting, splint after 3 professional engineers to develop and test, Hair Straightener production process through 8 QC testing, Life expectancy of more than 3 years, rate almost o repair standard, splint design itself beautiful generous, easy to operate.

Straight Hair Classification

1 Straight hair According to the different heating body can be divided into ceramic heating, ptc heating body and MCH body. Fuel injection straight Hair The advantages of ceramic heating is environmental protection, heating speed, generally 30 seconds to 45 seconds can make the splint surface temperature of 200 degrees. Hair Straightener But because ceramic heating body is sintered at above 1000 degrees high temperature, Its temperature in the circuit loses control, will quickly exceed 300 degrees, will burn the fixed heating plate of plastic material, Hair Straightener so that the heating plate off, there may be exposed to users, and scald the skin.

PTC is a positivetemperaturecoefficient abbreviation, the translation is the positive temperature coefficient, referred to as PTC Thermistor. PTC is also sintered at elevated temperatures, but the highest temperature on the surface can be controlled during sintering, according to the manufacturer's requirements, The surface can be sintered to 2,801, or any temperature that the factory wants, is usually sintered to 230 degrees to 280 degrees. Hair Straightener But its disadvantage is that the speed of warming to 200 degrees slower, generally in a minute or 2 minutes or so. In addition, in use, It can not be kept at a higher temperature like a ceramic heater. The effect of straightening hair is slightly worse.

2 straight hair In accordance with the heating plate materials, can be divided into: pure ceramic heating plate, surface spraying ceramic glaze aluminum plate, micro-crystal glass plate straight hair thermostat

The advantages of ceramic heating board are environmental protection, good insulation performance, good security, disadvantage is the processing cycle is long, processing links, Hair Straightener and because the edge is difficult to handle very smooth, in the process of straightening hair will be a little bit of pulling hair.

The advantage of aluminum-sprayed ceramic glaze is easy to produce, in addition, because of the mechanical forming, the edge is very smooth, will not drag the hair. Because the surface is a basin of ceramic glaze, pull hair effect is also very good. The disadvantage is because the metal, itself is not insulated, to the internal heating body insulation treatment to avoid leakage caused by the safety hidden trouble. Microcrystalline Glass plate application is less, mainly its surface smoothness is not as good as ceramic glaze, the other is not easy to form fixed, Hair Straightener to redesign the product structure.

3 The straight hair is structurally differentiated, generally divided into the V-type and X-type, the early comparison of the popular X-type, but this year V-type is more popular. Hair Straightener Because the V-shape can not only straighten the hair, the appearance of a sleek straight hair, but also used for curls, more and more hair stylist with straight hair hair.

4 Direct Hair Generator According to the different power, divides into the wired straight hair and the wireless charge type straight hair straight hair device turn tail

Wired straight hair is connected to the power supply work of the straight-hair, wireless rechargeable straight hair is through a charger on rechargeable battery charging, using the battery as a power supply. The advantage of wire straightener is that you can work continuously, the disadvantage is that if the direct hair generator design and production control is unreasonable, there will be a safety hazard, Hair Straightener in addition to the use of a power line will be inconvenient, the other is to go out to carry inconvenient. The advantage of a wireless repeater is that it is safe because it is a tributary power supply, It is also convenient to travel. But the disadvantage of wireless straightener is that it can only work 30 minutes to 1 hours after each charge.

5 straight hair can be divided into wide plate according to the size, in the plate, narrow plate and mini wide plate straight hair of the straight hair plate length is generally 90MM, the width is 42MM, Hair Straightener the plate in the straight hair plate length is generally 90MM, the width of 24MM, narrow plate of the length of the straight plate is generally 80-90mm, the width is 13-14mm, Length of mini straight hair plate

Generally 60MM, width is 13-14mm.

6 Direct-Hair device according to the type of LAFA, can be divided into common type and dry-wet dual-use type. Common type straight hair in the Lafa must blow dry before starting to pull, Hair Straightener wet and dry dual-use type can be pulled damp hair. Dry-Wet Dual-purpose straight hair plate to have 8-10 of pores, so that water can become steam from the blowhole out.

7 Voltage and export country classification, plug has Chinese plug, European plug, American plug (U.S. leakage protection plug), o plug, Japan plug, Germany electric plug, South Africa plug, British Plug and so on. Voltage: 110v-240v's global general voltage also has a specific voltage or current in one country alone.