Straight Hair Use MCH Ceramic Heat With Ceramic PTC What Is The Difference

Straight hair is the use of the principle of protein becomes heat to the hair straightened. Therefore, a good hair straighteners need to have high-quality performance of the heat generating element. Most people will choose ceramic heating element as a heating element straight hair, because the ceramic heater to heat up quickly, and no fire, and acid durable. Very suitable for use in hair straightener! However, the ceramic heating element is broadly divided into two types, namely: MCH ceramic heating element and PTC ceramic heat. In fact, these two materials used in heating film is completely different, but the finished product is similar to ceramics, it was referred to as "ceramic heating element." Ceramic PTC thermistors with temperature performance; MCH ceramic alumina ceramics, built-in electric wire, with the general thermal effect, also similar to the thermostat performance. In terms of heating, MCH heating up very fast, the same is the case of 220V voltage, MCH ceramic heater PTC ceramic heater than faster, specifically refer to two kinds of power and the heating area of the heating element; and at the same power, MCH ceramic heat more energy efficient than PTC ceramic heating element; MCH ceramic material does not contain aluminum, will not pollute the environment.