Straightener Use Instructions

Straightener selection guide

Currently on the market in the sale of home hair straight a lot of brands, quality is uneven, so we should always focus on the purchase of straight hair brand, good reputation, quality and quality products. Hair Straightener If you choose bad or buy cottage appliances, the safety of consumers is also a great threat. It is recommended to buy a formal registered trademark of the manufacturers of products.

Certification: Since the general use of straight hair is AC power supply products, the biggest problem in the purchase is security. Security is certified, certified products, Hair Straightener have been tested by the authority, is in line with safety standards, export products are generally CE certification or UL certification. Domestic CCC certification.

Appearance: in the purchase of straight hair, the main should pay attention to the appearance of straight hair, mainly in the following areas:

a, appearance is stylish, handle shape is easy to grasp, use;

b, product plastic part of the color is uniform;

c, whether there is a serious outside the product smell;

d, the product of the various parts, seams are smooth, detailed, no glitches;

e, open, straight hair when the device is flexible, in place, Hair Straightener no stuck phenomenon;

f, related accessories are complete, intact;

g, wire part of the existence of fracture, damage and so on.

Try to turn the tail to see if it is very flexible, very flexible, Hair Straightener that match is very good.May is to let the power cord naturally drooping, 360 degree rotation straight hair, Hair Straightener if you can successfully turn 360 degrees, indicating good tail.

How to use straight hair:

1, detailed reading straight hair of the instructions;

2, the first hair washed clean, with no conditioner can be;

3, the hair dry or dry hair dryer;

4, the hair straightener connected to the power, so that the heating plate to warm a few minutes;

5, will need to deal with the hair section combing fluent;

6, the use of hair straightener grip the hair slowly from the root to the top of the pull;

7, the hair step in accordance with 5,6 step by step finished;

8, hair cut off after the power, Hair Straightener let cool straight hair device.

Precautions for using straight hair:

1, straight hair is a high temperature electrical appliances, Hair Straightener do not touch the heating plate by hand;

2, the use of straight hair forward waist to determine the hair has been dry;

3, when used to pay attention to straight hair to keep moving, do not stay on the hair;

4, each time the number of hair grip not too much, too thick, Hair Straightener or straight hair effect is not good;

5, after each use to wait until the straight hair temperature dropped to room temperature before the storage and storage.