The Curlers Shape Different Curls

The curlers create a variety of curls and can be easily used with different settings to achieve the desired effect, ensuring that the hair is clean, dry and combed.

Curlers in the use of the process should pay attention not to put too much hair, not more than 2cm thickness is appropriate, there are ready to roll the hair to be smooth, like you Zama tail, Hair Curler hair if the impatient is easy to hurt Rubber band acridine acridine ~ ~

Must pay attention to 1, the curl of the temperature file and the time file tune a little higher, the best three switches are pushed to the top. 2, light but not flash, indicating that the temperature is enough to roll, the lights are still flash, then the temperature is not enough. 3, hair into the curlers, the need for a little time stereotypes. Stereotypes in the process, it will be issued Di - Di - such a sound of the sound, the sound is clearly spaced apart. Hair Curler Generally set 10 seconds will ring 4, set 12 seconds will ring 5 sound. And then it will be Di Di Di ... ... continuous ring, the sound is very compact, this time on the OK. Before I heard tick - tick - to release, and time is not enough hair is not how the volume Oh! The original is the use of it!

The use of curlers

, Curlers have become their own hands to create Variety modeling of important household electrical appliances. Do not have to go to the salon can make their own beautiful curls, Hair Curler following Xiaobian to follow the use of curlers to see it.

First talk about a qualified curler products, how to choose.

1, must choose a formal factory and registered trademark products. Where the packaging does not clearly indicate the manufacturer's address and certification mark and trademark products, it is recommended not to buy, that is no three products, the quality is not guaranteed. 2, Hair Curler carefully look at the specifications of the technical part of the manual, the regular manufacturers will generally use the heating material used, if not marked with heat, they can not determine what the heating body, it is best to buy ceramic fever. It is characterized by heat evenly, safe, and there is a certain amount of infrared, beneficial to the human body and hair.

3, curly hair bar surface is generally spray ceramic glaze, the quality of ceramic glaze determines the curling effect is good or bad and the length of the surface life. Hair Curler Good ceramic has a very smooth surface, no astringent feeling. There is also a surface is plated, the adhesion is not as good as spray ceramic glaze, is not recommended.

The use of curlers two


Pour the amount of shampoo to the palm of your hand, rub it by hand and apply it evenly on the hair;

Gently massage the hair and scalp, do not force too much, or the hair pulled to the scalp, or easy to knot; with your fingertips massage the scalp, which can stimulate the blood circulation, Hair Curler so that the hair surface is more soft;

Thoroughly rinse the hair, flushing is not sufficient will lead to hair bleak, dull, and finally rinse with cold water, make hair more beautiful;

Use of curlers

Plug the power plug into the power outlet (make sure that your outlet power supply matches the power supply AC100 ~ 240V marked above). Press the three tube clamps. Wavewheel inner circle [key POWER] Type hair styling inside the 120 degree LED display light, and in 20 seconds to quickly increase the temperature to the default set temperature, this time three tube clamp wave type hair start work, safe 20 minutes countdown also started; please do not power in the product Behind the rear, can not let it on the surface of non-insulated objects

According to the different hair of each person, in accordance with the above instructions before use, you can now start the curling operation;

1, comb the hair to make it smooth without tangles, with a comb to the hair into a lot of stacks, a pile of hair can not be too much, it is best to turn the head hair first to curl the bottom of the hair, Hair Curler and then gradually curled hair to the head hair; The

2, pick up the width of not more than 5 cm of a pile of hair, will be caught in the middle of the three plywood and press the product handle, the amount of a pile of hair according to your hair varies from person to person, too difficult to make a good Curly beauty;

3, the three tube clamp wave-type curlers in a few seconds from the need to curl place to clamp, pause no more than 3 seconds, relax the handle, move the three-clamp to the non-curled place, and then clamping, but 3 seconds, dwell time Too long may damage the hair;

4, each pile of hair curl, about 20 seconds after the repeat, until the shape of the ideal curly hair hairstyle;