The Hair Curler Gives The Hair A Curved State

The curler is actually a hand-held electronic product that can be used to hand the hair in a manual way. The general electronic curlers its main component is a handle and a heat roll. When the curler is in use, its design is mainly used to control the temperature of the circuit panel, Hair Curler while the material of its heating drum is tourmaline ceramic panel, it can balance the heat on the curlers dispersed at the same time the cycle of Heating, effectively improve the hair protein structure, Hair Curler and ultimately let the hair showing a curved state.

The characteristics of the curlers

1, versatile. Some curlers have a very diverse function, and the curlers not only have the function of straight hair, Hair Curler but also protects the hair and hair nourishes at the same time as the curly hair. Hair with a negative ion and steam function, in the use of time not only to create a nice hairstyle but also make hair no longer frivolous.

2, inside and outside volumes. Curl curls are divided into inner and outer rolls, and the curvature of the inner curls is more subtle. At the same time, the combination of the whole body makes your facial temperament more soft; the curvature of the outer roll is more obvious and also Very lively, Hair Curler it will let you show the overall vitality of a fashionable youth.

3, the curler in the process of curling the system through the temperature, Hair Curler time and direction of the set, so that the entire curling process throughout the control, while it is natural and perfect curl balanced heating design, will not hurt your hair, At the same time it's intelligent security anti-electric design, Hair Curler so that when you are more secure hair.

Use of curlers

1, connected to the hair of the power supply, after the power of the red light will begin to flash, then the user can choose according to their own hair temperature, Hair Curler while the temperature of the default;

2, set the curly hair time, in the automatic hair styling 0 is a custom curls, then only the hair will continue to heat for 15 seconds after the hair can make curling effect, Hair Curler and 8 that is the natural wave Curly hair, after the three beeps followed by a ring 4 that the curl is completed. 10 for 10 seconds, it can produce a soft curly hair; 12 for 12 seconds, it makes the hair more closely, curly hair will not appear too fluffy;

3, set the direction of curl, in the curler R is the inner volume, Hair Curler L is the outer volume, A is the most automatic volume method, that is, automatic file;

4, in the curl before the need to determine the direction of the opening of the reel, Hair Curler the location of the button towards the hair;

5, in the curly hair is the need to choose 3 cm wide hair to be fixed in the starting position where you want to curly hair;

6, the curlers will be fixed in the want to curly hair position, Hair Curler while ensuring that the hair is neat and straight, and then close the handle curlers will automatically start curling, until the curler prompts after the sound can release the curlers.