The Use Of Straight Hair

Some beautiful girls usually used to electric hair curlers, hair straighters and other care hair, convenient and easy to change shape.

Straight hair do not clip too much

1, straight hair is a high-temperature electrical appliances, do not touch the heating plate by hand;

2, the use of straight hair forward waist to determine the hair has been dry;

3, when used to pay attention to straight hair to keep moving, Hair Straightener do not stay on the hair;

4, each time the number of hair grip not too much, too thick, or straight hair effect is not good;

5, after each use to wait until the straight hair temperature dropped to room temperature before the storage and storage.

In a comfortable home, straight hair with a hair styling tool to straighten hair is a very convenient and simple thing. The ceramic hair straightener is widely regarded as the best tool for minimizing damage to hair. Professional-grade ceramic hair straightener in the straight hair can produce negative ions and infrared, so you can lock the hair of the water will not be lost. [1] Before and after straightening the hair by using the correct straightening technique and proper handling of hair can keep your hair straight for a whole day while protecting your hair from heat damage. From the following steps you can learn how to use straight hair straighteners from start to finish.

1 ready for straightening

2 Use a special formula of shampoo and conditioner to make the hair straight and smooth. You do not need to buy expensive hair care products, any you can buy in the local pharmacy or beauty shop is enough to achieve the desired effect. Only need to ensure that the effect can be smooth moisturizing.

Take your hair after shower. Use your towel to gently squeeze some of the hair to suck away the moisture, rather than the rough rub to dry. Drying hair helps prevent the generation of excess curls after bathing.

3 When your hair is still wet, use heat protection essence or heat treatment. You should use it when your hair is wet, because it will allow you to evenly apply the essence of the liquid at the same time do not make the hair mess. After using the essence of the liquid with a wide tooth comb comb your hair.

Contains anti-aging berries, argon nut oil, Moroccan oil or coconut oil hair products to help straight hair straight.

Silicone-containing hair care products are said to keep their hair straight.

4 blow dry your hair. You should dry your hair as much as possible while straightening. This will not only be able to achieve better results when using hair straighteners, Hair Straightener but also prevent your hair from being impacted by heat.

Blow the hair dryer down the direction of your hair. This position away from the hair can make your hair in the dry at the same time more straight.

Use the minimum calorie of your hair dryer. If you have a more curly hair, use a lower calorie stall while drying for a long time to prevent your hair from becoming loose during the drying process.

Learn to straighten the technology

1 Plug your brace to energize it and then switch to the start button. There will also be some heat setting buttons near the start button, and you can adjust to the level of heat you want. Hair Straightener The thicker your hair, the higher the level of heat setting. If your hair is very thin and very soft, make sure your hair straight hair is set at the lowest level to prevent damage to the hair.

2 divide your hair into parts. According to the thickness of your hair to be divided. The key is to keep the thickness of each part between 2 and 5 cm, which ensures that this part of the hair in the use of straight hair when the simple operation.

In the straight hair with a part of the hair straightened, the other part of the hair clip with a clip, so as not to block the hair is being caught.

A simple way to do this is to clip all the other unwanted hairs to the top of the head or to the shoulder. And then need to clip some of the hair moved to the front of the shoulder straight. 3 When using straight hair, do not burn the scalp as far as possible from the hair root folder. This generally means that straight hair straightening from the scalp 2 cm away from the beginning.

4 to straighten the downward tightening, so that the heating side can touch the hair in the folder inside. To ensure that the folder should not be too tight, because if the folder is too tight will make close to the scalp part of the hair has not been straightened and straightened the hair after the difference is too obvious. In addition, do not use the hair straightener when the part of the hair grip too long, Hair Straightener this will also cause a relatively large difference.

5 Lower the straightener direction downwards. This process should be smooth and smooth from the root to the tip. The most important thing to use is to keep a portion of your hair too long. Doing so will hurt your hair and cause unexpected creases.

6 in straight hair with straight hair part of the hair can be repeated until the straight straight until the straight. Depending on the thickness of your hair, Hair Straightener you may only need to operate once, it is possible to operate several times to straighten.

The length of the hair straightener will also determine the number of straight strokes that need to be carried out.

The lower the calorific value of the straight hair, the more you need to operate.

You do not need to be surprised when you see the heat from the hair straightener. The appearance of the heat is the result of the heat of the ceramic that comes into contact with the remaining moisture in your hair. However, if you start to smell the smell of hair, you should immediately reduce the calorie level of the hair straightener.

7 clip straight part of the hair after this part of the hair removed, began to clip the new part of the hair. Often, it is considered the easiest way to straighten around the direction of the head in a circle rather than a random clip, because you can easily distinguish between straight hair and unallocated hair. If you are caught by the clip part of the hair messy, you need to straighten the card before this part of the hair.

If your hair is easy to curl, use straight hair straightened immediately after the use of hair care spray or essence.

Avoid any hair care products before straightening. Hair care products may have the opposite effect of straightening the process and may cause damage to your hair or hair straightener.