The Versatility Of Multi - Functional Hairdressing Instruments

Multi-functional hairdressing equipment is a hairdressing equipment, divided into ceramic hot, digital hot, SPA hot, O3 hot and infrared hot and cold, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus now with the most digital hot hair device. The purpose of perm is actually two: make the hair richer (curly effect); change the shape of the hair, the direction (volume is not a great effect).

The multi-function hairdressing instrument is a hairdressing machine, which is a multi-functional multi-function hairdressing instrument, which comprises a host computer, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus a control circuit and a hot air component, an atomizing assembly and a plurality of perm components connected with the control circuit; the perm component comprises a connection And a heating device disposed at one end of the connecting line, the hot air assembly comprising a first air outlet structure provided at the lower part of the main body and a first hot air device provided on the main body and communicating with the first air outlet structure, the atomizing assembly comprising a housing The liquid storage chamber and the atomizer, the shell and the lower part of the main body are detachably connected with the inlet and the outlet, the liquid storage chamber and the atomizer are respectively arranged in the shell, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus The liquid is connected to the liquid, and the liquid in the liquid chamber is atomized by the atomizer and released to the lower part of the main unit through the steam outlet. The multi-functional multi-functional hairdressing instrument provided by the invention has the functions of heating, Multi-Function Hairdressing Apparatus blowing and humidifying and perfuming, making the modeling more convenient, making better shape and enhancing the practicability of the multi-functional hairdressing instrument.